GIE Research

As well as providing an excellent grading service, GIE has earnt its supreme position in the world of gemmology due to the result of continuous and thorough research. At GIE, our Research team is staffed by highly experienced scientists and engineers that specialise in fundamental research in the diamond sector. Additionally, with our international offices being located near gem centres, we have a broad and regular market analysis, with a high insight into the prices of the current market. GIE supports and contributes to the diamond sector, enhancing consumer confidence by offering expert advice. We offer practical, scientific advice and solutions to problems such as the identification of treated and synthetic diamonds, along with answers to questions about fluorescence, coatings, lasering, and fracture filling. These are just a few examples. We are constantly challenging ourselves in innovation and pursuit for perfection so that our customers can have peace of mind, knowing exactly what kind of diamond they possess. Data is available on our website. Questions are always welcome, and can be submitted via our Contact Page.